Janet is one who consistently reads my blog. Opinionated. Generally, intelligently.

Janet commented yesterday to my recent blog: Why?…..I Don’t Understand.

Her comment speaks for itself.

“People take their kids on a metal tube that goes 500 miles an hour at 36,000 feet without ever ‘doing their own research’ about who made the plane, who last serviced it, or even reading about the physics of air travel. They just trust that ‘big airplane’ knows what it is doing.

Cut the crap stupid!”

Texas Governor Abbott continues on his roll. His long “15 minutes.”

In his recent announcement, Abbott barred all coronavirus vaccine mandates in Texas, including private employers.

His statement claimed Biden is “bullying” people with his COVID comments and handling.

A Trump stalwart is Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi).

Southwest Airlines cancelled most, if not all, of its fleet over the weekend. Some two thousand planes. The reason pilot “sick outs.” Pilots not sick, but wish to make a point to management.

The pilots are opposed to what they describe as “imposed mandates.” Get vaccinated or lose your job.

Johnson supports the pilots. I would have expected nothing less. He describes the walk out the “Great Rebellion” over vaccine mandates. He added, “Stop the mandates before more damage is done.”

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association has sued their airline employer in federal court re the imposed mandate.

Some view the walk out as only the beginning. Intimating other airlines may follow.

Benny Johnson is an 18 year Southwest pilot. He said, “This is the single bravest thing I have seen in years. God bless them pilots. The heroes we need right now.”

Johnson views the confrontation as one involving “freedom of choice issues.”

A 10/10/21 Zerohedge article claims: “The U.S. is finally a banana republic: The top one percent now own more wealth than the entire middle class.” The situation represents “unprecedented wealth inequality.”

The last time such a situation existed was prior to the Great Depression.

The Key West Airport has outgrown itself for the third or fourth time in the years I have lived in Key West. Key West is at the point again where too many planes are coming in and going out.

A vastly remodeled airport is planned. Construction to soon start.

Hurricane Irma occurred just over four years ago on September 10, 2017.

Today for the first time I learned the air control tower has been down as a result of Irma. It cannot be used.

Air controllers are working across the tarmac in a tiny trailer and can’t see planes coming in and out.

How safe is that? Especially with the significant increase in air traffic.

A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning concerns the airport: “Dear airport noise/traffic complainers: You fools bought an overpriced house on an island where the airport is at most 2 miles from your house! Get over yourself!”

Tuesday again. Tonight my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Please join me. I rant and rave for a half hour re things that bother me. Helps relieve my concerns and frustrations.

Enjoy your day!

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