Al Pacino is about to be a father again at 83. His girl friend Noor Alf is 29 and 8 months pregnant.

Pacino thrilled!

Doesn’t turn me on. I will admit that at 87 I often think of getting to hold and play with a young one as a great grandfather. Enough for me.

The House passed the bill to raise the debt ceiling 314-117. The breakdown 149 Republican votes and 165 Democrat.

A bipartisan result. A negotiated compromise. Both sides did what had to be done.

McCarthy surprised me. He performed like a statesman. At the same time, keeping his job.

A Republican or Democrat victory? Close. I give Biden the edge. He gave away little to achieve the required result.

Republicans and Democrats who cried their side gave away too much were primarily two bit politicians who have yet to learn what governing involves.

Two Republican Presidential candidates will announce next week. Mike Pence and Chris Christie. Both considered having no chance.

I agree re Pence. Will not waste time discussing him.

I cannot understand why Christie is not given consideration this time around. Without question, he will take Trump on. Face to face, nose to nose, belly to belly. He has the balls to fight the fight. Something other Republican candidates lack. Respectfully, the ladies the fortitude.

Christie will antagonize the hell out of Trump. Going to be interesting to see how Trump takes it.

DeSantis and the Florida legislature can deal with abortion, gays, book banning, guns and everything else, except for one problem. Human sex trafficking. Especially involving children. DeSantis and his team are doing a lousy job so far.

A Miami Herald editorial exposed Florida’s lack of toughness re human trafficking. Again, especially as concerns children.

The editorial quotes Republican State Representative Taylor Yarkosky re the child aspect: “If we can’t protect them from human trafficking, then I would ask this question of everyone in Tallahassee: What the hell are we doing then?”

One big shark!

In 1912, Capt. Charles Thompson, while fishing near Seven Mile Bridge, harpooned a whale shark after an 8 hour struggle. He got the shark to a sand bar where it took 5 days to die. Then towed the shark to Miami where he had it mounted.

The shark was 38 feet long and weighed 26,594 pounds.

National Donut Day tomorrow. Free donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Duck Donuts.

Must purchase a beverage.

Rainy weekend ahead for south Florida. Rain begins tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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