As the saying goes, to err is human. Was I “human” yesterday! Big time. A written lapus lingua.

The blog was titled D-Day and the main portion of the blog had to do with D-Day. Instead of June 6, I described it as January 6.

I knew I should not have written a blog yesterday. I was still tired from monday’s medical tests. Jean Thornton called me last night to bring the error to my attention and I immediately corrected it.

I’m tired today also. Eight am hospital test. No big deal. But left me tired. It is mid afternoon and I have decided nonetheless to do a short blog today.

Met a charming person at the hospital. Patty who registered me. Excellent personality. Constant smile. Concerned attitude. The hospital should give her a raise.

The hospital should also lower the air conditioning. Both monday and this morning, it was cold. Very cold. Could hang meat. I know. I worked during college summers and vacations in a meat packing house. Had to wear a heavy coat, ear muffs, a hat and gloves.

The PGA/LIV merger a disgrace. The PGA should have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia. I’m convinced they were involved with 9/11, the killing and dismembering of an American reporter, and sell oil to Russia and otherwise do business with Russia.

I love golf. I am glued to the TV thursday through sunday watching the tournaments. I feel a part of me and a sport I love is being sold to a nation that could care less about the United States.

Robert Kennedy Jr. announced he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination to run for President. His father he is not. Not even close. I knew his father and worked with him politically when he was running for the New York Senate. I was not close or a personal friend. I was a political associate. My best time with him was a private 20 minute meeting during the campaign. He was a good brother, Attorney General, Senator and would have made an excellent President had he not been assassinated. Politics changed following his death.

Robert Jr. anti Fauci, anti COVID shot, believes himself to be environmentally bright, and has as one of his prime supporters Elon Musk.

I watched as much as was available the other night of Chris Christie and his New Hampshire announcement. Why people do not like him, I do not understand. He is unquestionably a better person in every respect than Trump and DeSantis. Pence is a loser. Who is left other than Christie?

I would still vote for Biden in opposition to Christie however if they were to run against each other.

It was announced today that 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices filed  financial disclosure forms. Thomas asked for an extension. Alito filed nothing and said nothing.

Thomas I suspect has a problem preparing his and doing it honestly. Alito I am sure believes he is above filing anything.

I can’t wait to see what Roberts files. He has a problem with the $10 million his wife earned in finding employment for attorneys, some of whom or their firms appeared before the Supreme Court. It has been suggested Gorsuch is not without sin. Anyone else?

Many Key Westers have noticed that things are back to normal this year. I refer specifically to the number of people visiting, the money they spend, etc.

Prior to COVID, the season ended Easter week. The sensation was clear and overwhelming. Tourism down big time, hotel and restaurant business likewise. Traffic back to normal. Not bumper to bumper and double to triple the time to drive anywhere.

An example is the occupancy rate at one of the top downtown hotels. Occupancy has had some 40 percent days this week. Restaurants getting hit also. Most have returned to soliciting local business. It is the only business when the season has ended. Alonzo’s has 50 percent off for locals on tuesday nights. A friend had dinner tuesday evening. The bill $200 for several persons. They were required to pay $99 and change.

So much for today.

Enjoy your day!

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