Idle Hands Summer Youth Employment Program students are making their mark

A Positive Step of Monroe County Instructor/Job Coach Lynne Casamayor, far left front, Executive Director Billy Davis, second from right, and City Multimodal Transportation Coordinator Ryan Stachurski, far right, interact at City Hall with some of the 2022 “Idle Hands” summer job program interns, from far left back, Angelina Foster, Savanah Chadic, Tinalanaya Watson, Marsha Francois, Justin Gartenmayer, Romanoli Moreau, and Daisy Fernandez-Virgen. (Photo: Carol Tedesco)

Founded by Billy Davis in 1999 to serve some of Monroe County’s highest risk kids and their families, A Positive Step of Monroe County partners with the City of Key West each year to provide stimulating summer employment for motivated Key West High School students. Those interested in supporting and learning more about the program can visit

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