Guy deBoer GGR 2022 Update

Guy is safe in the Canary Islands. He described the harrowing experience of getting down into the cabin after the first hit on the rocks to reach the radio. He said it felt like the boat was picked up several feet and then dropped as the waves were slamming the boat. This happened many times. He was tossed around a lot but thankfully he was not injured.
A crane company is looking at the site to determine if they can approach by land to lift it off the rocks. If so, it will be transported to a boat yard. Once out of the water Guy will see the full extent of any damage. He is optimistic, as always.
Guy is very pleased with how fast Spirit performed in the ocean. He is sure it was the fastest boat in the race. Guy sends his heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for all the encouragement, support, prayers and well-wishes. KONK Life will continue to follow this story and report on any developments.
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