Theater Review / Final Three Performances for Red Barn’s “Short Attention Span Theater in the Twilight Zone”

The ghost of Rod Serling is surely happy in whatever corner of the Twilight Zone he is now inhabiting, as are the hundreds of well-entertained patrons who have been lucky enough to acquire a ticket to the Red Barn’s hit show, “Short Attention Span Theatre in the Twilight Zone.”

But this special portal into the Sixth Dimension is about to close, as the show has only three performances left, tonight through Saturday night. A few choice-seat tickets remain, and can be had by visiting or by calling 305-296-9911. Just be ready to laugh a lot and be pushed to the limits of imagination when you go.

“We’ve put together seven short, ten-minute plays that fit the mold of Serling’s ‘Twilight Zone’,” said the Red Barn’s Gary McDonald, who, with his wife Mimi, son Jack, and daughter Amber, produced and directed the show. “The first of them is an adaptation of one of Serling’s actual ‘Twilight Zone’ scripts. Two of the other scripts were winners of the Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Festival of Plays last year. One was written by Tennessee Williams, believe it or not, and another is by Nina Mansfield, a well-known mystery writer. They’re all pretty exceptional pieces of theater.”

The McDonald family – who have been behind the Short Attention Span Theatre shows for the last several years – have brought together a stellar group of local and New York actors to populate the evening’s fare: Amber McDonald Good, Susannah Wells, Don Bearden, Andrew Hodge, and Jeremy Zoma. Hodge and Zoma were recently seen in “Prime Time” at The Studios of Key West, Bearden in “The Classics of Comedy” – also at the Studios, and Wells just completed a run of “Life Sucks” at the Red Barn. Good was last seen in the 2019 edition of SAST.

“What we all liked best about ‘The Twilight Zone’ was the way it was the social consciousness of that time,” McDonald said. “There was a moral to the stories, even with their bizarre natures. And actually, when you think about theater, most shows are little ‘Twilight Zones’, aren’t they?”

Expect to see the full range of “Twilight Zone”-style stories…from the hilarious to the off-kilter bizarre. All have Serling-inspired narrative introductions. “But they’re all most-definitely little journeys into ‘The Twilight Zone’,” McDonald said. “You’ll be impressed with each of them.”

The show is sponsored by Key TV, Design Group Key West, and by grants from the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs and the Tourist Development Council.