Fake ID Leads to Drug Bust

Over the weekend, the Key West Police Department seized drugs, guns and money after a minor tried using fake ID at a local bar.

On Sunday, 19-year old Connor Malinis and Madison Birtley, 21, were at Irish Kevin’s. When Malinis presented a fake ID, the bartender refused him service. Both were removed from the bar and Malinis became enraged.

Police were called when witnesses reported seeing the two drive down Duval Street past Irish Kevin’s waving a handgun out of the window of the car.

The two were located a short time later, walking near Hogs Breath. Birtley told the officers that his friend was upset they were removed from the bar and started to act “ganster-like.”

Malinis told officers that the gun was in the car, and Britley agreed to show them where the car was parked.

The car was located at Simonton Beach. The officer observed a large baggie on the dashboard with what looked like marijuana. Inside the car, they found a felony amount of marijuana and sales amounts of controlled substances. They also located a Glock handgun, a Keltec handgun and a Daniel defense M4, all loaded. The suspects also had $900 in cash.

Malinis, who is from Jacksonville, had an active warrant from St. John’s County. The two were arrested and transported to the Monroe County Detention Center.

Malinis faces two felony counts of carrying a concealed weapon without a license, seven felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, one felony count for possession of marijuana, a felony fraud charge for displaying the fake ID, and a misdemeanor charge of improper display of a firearm.

Britley, who is from St. Augustine, faces 10 felony charges and one misdemeanor.

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