President Biden addressed the nation yesterday afternoon. An impressive speech. Following which he immediately opened up the room to questions from the press.

His responses impressive, well grounded.

The question period lasted 1 hour 52 minutes. A long time for the President, any President, to stand and handle piercing questions.

Biden did very well. He was in command. Knowledgeable. His responses factual.

The only Biden response I thought a bit hairy was what would he do were Putin to move into the Ukraine. His answer in effect said it would depend whether the intrusion was a “minor incursion or a full blown attack.”

Did not sound good to me. Any Russian intrusion would require a forceful response by the U.S.

Biden’s response obviously not correct.

Later following the show, the White House clarified the response. A “minor” incident would be something like a cyber attack. Not actual boots on the ground (my words).

Ok. Problem resolved. Only one misstep in 1 hour 52 minutes. Well done, Mr. President!

This morning was another story. I watch Morning Joe. Enjoy the show and respect the work they do. Not today.

I have had a growing feeling over the past several months that Morning Joe is starting to attack certain people and issues not warranting the attack presented.

This morning solidified my judgment. Morning Joe does.

The show spent its first 16 minutes attacking the President and his response. Too much. Over the hill. Reminded me of FOX: “Balanced and fair.”

Today, Joe and the people at his table looked and sounded like FOX News. It was obvious the attack was planned. Everyone at the table had something negative to say. The attack was not warranted in length and degree of abuse.

For shame, Morning Joe. Your show too good to lower itself to that type game.

A question to the President I thought stupid and unwarranted. Considered it a play for attention.

Newsmax is a relatively new show. Similar in nature to FOX.

James Rosen their news person who asked the questions.

He said to Biden, “A poll released this morning by Politics Morning Consult found 49 percent of registered voters disagree with the statement that Joe Biden is mentally fit.”

Biden smiled and calmly responded, “I’ll let us make the judgment whether their correct.”

Rosen pushed on: “Why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?”

Biden responded, “I have no idea” and moved on.

The answer was what Rosen had sat through listening to Biden’s address and the almost 1 hour 52 minutes of questioning. The 1 hour 52 minutes is the longest question and answer period by the press to a President. No one could have done better. A minor misstatement re the Ukraine his only questionable response.

Between Morning Joe this morning and Rosen yesterday, I am beginning to think the press is increasingly a bunch of assholes.

The Supreme Court finally came down with a correct decision. It decided yesterday that the National Archive was required to turn over certain papers to the January 6 Committee. The decision clearly wrote that under the facts of the matter, executive privilege did not apply.

A major victory for the January 6 inquiry.

The decision was 8-1, with Justice Clarence Thomas dissenting.

As expected, the voting bills went down to defeat yesterday. What, if anything, is the next step?

Forrest Gump in the limelight again: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The Czech vocalist Hana Horka died sunday at 57 from COVID.

She actually killed herself. She intentionally exposed herself to COVID-19 in order to get a “health pass” that would have allowed her to visit the sauna, theater, concerts, and take a sea voyage.

Czechoslovakia law requires proof of prior COVID illness or 2 vaccine shots in order for a person to freely move around and do things.

Hana’s husband and son got COVID over Christmas. Hana intentionally stayed close to them. Her goal to become infected. She did not believe in the vaccine. She had developed the herd mentality.

As her son said, “She went for it.”

She got it.

Her son holds the anti-vaccine movement responsible. Claims it has “blood on its hands.”

Murder numbers in the U.S. rose in 2021. The highest rise in 25 years. The number viewed in another fashion: 6.9 murders per 100,000 persons.

I realize people up North care little when I complain that temperatures in the 60’s are cold. I understand their thoughts. I sympathize with their weather problem. Nevertheless, we Key Westers are cold at the much higher temperatures.

Reflecting the tide has turned, the high today will be 76.

Enjoy your day!

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