Class of 2024 President Daniella Barroso giving her Freshman Executive Board Speech, days before she was elected.

Daniella Barroso Elected as Freshmen Leader



“Leadership comes with experience and dedication. For me, this began four years ago when I was elected student council president of Poinciana Elementary School,” said Daniella Barroso, the president of the Key West High School Freshman class of 2024. She has been preparing herself for this important role as president for the last four years.

“I think that it is super important to be involved in the class of 2024. Helping out is a good way to make sure your school year is better,” said Daniella.

“We have already overcome so much, and I have so much planned for our class and the future.”

When asked who her biggest inspiration was, Daniella said, “My biggest inspiration to run this year was my mom, who ran for president when she was in high school,” Daniella said that her mom has been her biggest supporter throughout all her presidential campaigns in the past, and was eager to help her come up with ideas for this year’s campaign.

“During the race I honestly didn’t think I was going to win. My competition were very good candidates,” said Daniella. The presidential race this year was extremely different from any other year, due to the pandemic, and the votes between candidates Daniella Barroso and Kaira Valdez were tight.

Because of this close race, the class of 2024 came together to vote once again, between Daniella Barroso and Kaira Valdez. “Later that day, when I found out I won, I was extremely excited and happy. It felt like so much of my stress was relieved,” said Daniella.

“I absolutely love helping out the people in my class and doing everything I can to make our school year better. We will have to come together and think of some creative ways to make our first year at Key West High School a memorable one.”

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