A substantial majority of KW citizens voted to preserve and protect our environment, our health and our quality of life.  They did this by setting reasonable standards that included limiting the size, the number of ships, and the number of tourist passengers.  It is the responsibility of the KW Mayor and Commissioners, the City Manager and the City Attorney to implement the free and fair election and the city’s agreement.  So far, they and you have failed.
You are also responsible for holding accountable those who fail to carry out their duties and serve the public, and those who obstruct the city’s agreement.  So far, you have failed to do your duty, to hold people accountable, and to communicate with the public.
The same KW majority is aware of these failures – especially failure to hold accountable special interests and employees who sabotage the public’s wishes and the city’s agreements.
By contrast, the voters will not fail to act nor will they forget the failures of those who should be supporting the voters and solving this interminable problem.
Respectfully,  Roger Kostmayer
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