Coral Restoration Foundation™ Announces Coralpalooza™ 2023: Uniting the World to Save Our Coral Reefs

Key Largo, FL, JUNE 2, 2023 – Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF™), a global leader in coral reef restoration, has announced its annual World Oceans Day celebration – Coralpalooza™ 2023. This unparalleled event will once again bring communities together from around the world to take action to protect and restore our planet’s endangered coral reefs.

In Florida, where Coral Restoration Foundation™ is headquartered, 10 dive boats, donated by local operators, will be taking out a veritable army of more than 150 ocean lovers to work alongside the CRF™ Coral Crew, actively returning hundreds of corals to the reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in just a few hours. The boat spots for Coralpalooza™ 2023 in Florida filled up within just a week of registration opening – a testament to the growing power and importance of this mission.

Coralpalooza™ has grown into a powerful movement since its inception in 2014, and this year’s event, taking place on June 10th in Florida, promises to make an even greater impact. This year, CRF™ is joining forces with international collaborators – the “Coralpalooza™ Community” – which includes the Coral Nurture Program supported by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Seascapes Caribbean, Kuleana Coral, The Nature Conservancy, Misool Foundation, Gili Shark Conservation, Division of Coastal Resource Management, Commonweath of the Northen Mariana Islands, Raising Coral, Nature Seychelles, Rotan Marine Park, MaRHE Center, The Oceancy, and Mars, Incorporated. These groups will be joining CRF™, undertaking reef-saving efforts for Coralpalooza™ in Jamaica, Hawaii, Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, CNMI, St. Croix, USVI, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Honduras, and Maldives.

But the mission doesn’t stop underwater. Non-divers can get involved on land in Florida where the Coralpalooza™ Festival in Islamorada and Key West will engage families and reef enthusiasts alike with an array of exciting activities including kayaking, yard games, coral trivia with Captain Coral, and much more.

“The strength of Coralpalooza™ lies in collective action,” said Dr. R. Scott Winters, CEO of CRF™. “This event shines a light on the importance of working together to address our global challenges. With our international collaborators and passionate participants worldwide, we are demonstrating just how much of an impact we can make when we work together.”

Divers interested in joining the action in Florida next year can sign up now for the First Alert List for Coralpalooza™ 2024, granting them a 48-hour head start to secure a spot for next year’s event.
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