Community Partners Scour the Streets of Key West Promoting Mosquito Bite Prevention

Community partners of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County engaged in a Zika Community Outreach and Education event today, Wednesday, May 25.  Twenty-seven volunteers showed for the event from the following agencies, including: the Department of Health, Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, the US Coast Guard, Naval Branch Health Clinic, United Way of the Florida Keys, and Coral City Elks.  Volunteers hung information in the form of door hangers and spoke to residents and visitors about mosquito bite prevention and the importance of draining standing water. Volunteers were split into teams and assigned sections of Key West to provide education on this important public health issue.  Today, volunteers covered almost half of Key West (refer to CoverageMap.pdf).  The department is planning a second round to reach the rest of the City within the next few weeks.  For more information, contact or call (305) 809-5607.

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