Common law enforcement scam reported

The Sheriff’s Office continues to warn residents of scams wherein thieves are posing as law enforcement telling victims they need to pay money to resolve some fake criminal/legal issue.

Most recently, the Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of phone calls and certified mail from thieves falsely posing as real law enforcement agencies.

Residents should be wary of any mail/email/text/phone call they receive from anyone claiming to be a law enforcement official, especially those seeking money/gift card information — a sure sign you are being scammed!

Typically, the scammers will claim you’ve missed jury duty, have an outstanding warrant, or made some other false legal violation. Hang up/delete the text or email and contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office directly via

Also, be wary of online banking scams available on mobile or other electronic devices involving monetary platforms such as CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

If someone contacts you asking for money, purporting to be from a law enforcement agency, any government organization, a bank, a credit card company, and so forth — contact the organization yourself.

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