City Directive Spells Out Requirements

In preparation of reopening the Keys to visitors on June 1, the City of Key West has issued Directive 2020-13 that pulls together requirements of several emergency orders into one easy-to-read place.  The purpose of the Directive is to highlight protective measures that businesses and individuals can take to help revive our economy, keep people safe and prevent the resurgence of COVID-19 in our community.

Since Governor Ron DeSantis declared a State of Emergency on March 9th, the State, County and City have issued directives to respond as the situation changed with the spread of COVID-19. This new directive spells out the following:

With limited exceptions, all persons in a business establishment of any type operating within the City of Key West must wear a face covering. Exceptions include activities such as consumption in a restaurant and certain outdoor activities, which are expressed in previous directives.

The new directive serves as a reminder that all business establishments must screen and evaluate workers who exhibit signs of illness. Employers shall take the temperature daily of all employees reporting to work utilizing infrared or non-contact thermometers. Any employee testing at or above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit must be sent home.

Additionally, certain businesses, especially those where masks may be temporarily removed, are required to screen customers with a non-contact thermometer as well.  Currently these businesses include restaurants, gyms, personal services and charter boats, which were specified in previous directives. Beginning seven 7 days from the date of the current directive, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and any other transient public lodging establishment containing more than one individual unit, shall take the temperature of every guest upon check-in.

All persons shall continue to avoid congregating in groups of 10 or more and shall maintain social distancing of at least six feet from other persons not in their group.

All businesses are responsible for strictly enforcing any and all required social distancing, facial coverings and temperature and health screening directives.  To assist business owners, the City has instituted a hotline at (305) 809-1101 for non-compliance and also provided suggested signage.

This Emergency Directive shall be enforced under section 252.47, Florida Statutes. Violation of this order is a second-degree misdemeanor pursuant to section 252.50, Florida Statutes, and is punishable by imprisonment not to exceed 60 days, a fine not to exceed $500, or both.

The directive, in its entirety, can be viewed on the City’s website at