Channel Your Inner Ariel



Kristi Ann, Florida’s most modern Mermaid, is an exceptionally impressive mermaid. She washed up here in Key West in 1976, and actually learned to swim before she was able to talk or walk. She has been diving in tanks since she was 4 years old, and has had a strong passion for mermaids and the water her whole life. 

In 2013, Ann decided to open up the first mermaid boutique on the Island, called The Captain’s Mermaid. It was around this time when Kristi’s mom mentioned the idea for a mermaid festival. Ann, although somewhat overwhelmed, met with some people that were interested in the idea, and she decided to move forward with it. When asked about her development of the festival, Ann states, “By 2018 I started advertising for the Key West Mermaid Festival. We put that together and some of our treasure went to Reef Relief, a non-profit organization that dedicates its funds to coral reef research. From there we’ve had two International Mermaid days, and many appearances with organizations, whether it be non-profit or volunteer work.”

The Key West Mermaid Festival always takes place from July 1-5, and, according to their website is, “Five whole days of splish-splashing mermaid adventures! Come swim with us as Mermaids from around the nation take over the enchanted island of Key West.” Mermaid Kristi Ann is very passionate about her work, and feels strongly about teaching people how to swim safely in mermaid tails, but also about educating them on how to leave a more conscious green footprint on the planet. As of a month ago, Ann has been a Mermaid radio personality with her own show, Triple Aqua! She coined the name because, in astrology terms, she happens to be a triple Aquarius. When asked about her show, Ann states, “We have people that listen to us in Germany, the UK, the US, and even in Cuba. I try to keep my show as close to how I am in person. I want to place the main focus on positivity. I really aim to maintain a feeling of positivity and happiness with anybody I can reach, whether that be on the air or in person.” 

Mermaid Ann feels strongly about her position in the world, and the role that she fills. As a Mermaid, she believes that the opportunity to make a positive impact on people of all ages is very important in the grand scheme of things. She emphasizes the importance of being in touch with your youth, and that it shouldn’t be seen as immature, but rather, exciting and liberating, especially during a time of so much negativity. So, just to remind you, dear reader, The Key West Mermaid Festival will be from July 1-5, so mark your calendars!

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