Business Law 101 / “Basics of the Law” Youtube channel

By Albert L. Kelley, Esq.

As regular subscribers to KonkLife know, I have been publishing my column here for almost seven years.  I have enjoyed bringing the law to you and occasionally having readers ask legal questions that I can answer in this very public forum.

Regular readers will also recognize the tagline that I have included at the end of every column.  Part of this tagline is necessary so readers do not mistake me for their personal attorney solely from what I write in the column.  The other portion of the tagline has changed occasionally through the years.  This started in April 2014 after I published my first book, “Basics of … Business Law”, published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Since then I have published three other law books, including “Basics of … Florida’s Landlord-Tenant Law”, “Basics of … Florida’s Small Claims Court”, and “Basics of … Starting a Florida Business” (“Basics of ….” is a registered trademark of Absolutely Amazing eBooks).  I have a new book that I hope to have published in the next few months.

I have no intention on stopping the column or the books.  I believe that as an attorney, I have an obligation to provide a public service to my community and educating the public on the law is just a part of that service.  The column and books have let me reach many more people than I could as a small town attorney.

Two months ago, I began a new outreach program to supplement the books and column.  In today’s world, many people, especially younger people, are turning to other mediums to get their information.  In order to reach out to them, I started a Youtube channel called “Basics Of The Law” where I break down legal topics into short videos. Today I posed my 20th video.  Most of the videos are just over six minutes (The shortest is just 4:40 and the longest is 14:13).  My goal is for the videos to supplement or enhance the books and newspaper columns.  One of the benefits of Youtube, as with KonkLife is the ability to subscribe to certain channels.  Viewers can subscribe to my Youtube channel so that they will be notified whenever a new video is added.  They can also “Like” the videos and share it with others, to help spread the information.

I invite readers of my column to check out the new Youtube channel.  If you like the additional information, please subscribe and pass it on.

Al Kelley is a Florida business law attorney located in Key West and previously taught business law, personnel law and labor law at St. Leo University.  He is the author of four law books available through Absolutely Amazing e-Books and the host of “Basics Of The Law, a weekly YouTube channel. This article is being offered as a public service and is not intended to provide specific legal advice.  If you have any questions about legal issues, you should confer with a licensed Florida attorney.