Boys Lacrosse Going for the Gold



Key West High School’s (KWHS) lacrosse program was established in 2015 by Jake Luce, and it was fairly successful from the start. After the program’s first season, the team never had another losing record, and they have been four-time district champions.

Although the Conchs have dominated the district for the past few years, the competition has significantly increased. Gulliver, the district 31 champions and elite 8 finalists, is now in District 16 with KWHS and a few other notable programs. Gulliver and Key West have had a history since the 2016 season. When these two teams face each other, Gulliver historically comes out successfully.

Coach Luce welcomes the challenge of the new district and is looking forward to the upcoming competition. “It was nice to win trophies, but the competition we had the past few years did not push us to the highest level. I think it is good for our program to step up to earn the next title.” Coach Luce explains, “Gulliver is a chip on everyone’s shoulder in Key West. The loss last year hurt. We were getting closer to really competing with them, but we took a step back last year.” He adds, “Our players don’t think the competition is insurmountable.”

While this year’s team looks very promising with talent in every class, it is also going to be a learning year. The program graduated Kevin Mckenna, who was a vital part of the Key West offense. He was the leading scorer, not only for the Conchs, but for the entire district. Coach Luce says that finding someone to fill that void will be the biggest challenge this year, “but I know there are plenty of players ready to step up. I think the hardest part is going to be getting our players ready to compete with the next level opponents in our district like Ransom and Gulliver.”

Another notable attribute about this team is the team’s seniors. They have never lost a district championship and do not plan on stopping that track record now. Coach Luce says, “They will be the deciding factor in all facets of our game. The younger players will have their contributions, but we have a great batch of mature seniors who’ll be the reason why we are able to accomplish our goals.”

The 2020 season looks promising, so come out and support your Key West Conchs as they fight for their shot at the district 16 championship.