Bigger and BETTER!


After six years of working as a financial advisor for Edward Jones, Karen Vaught, a Florida Keys local who began as a Real Estate Broker, received an amazing General Partnership offer from Leeward Wealth Management that she couldn’t resist.

Vaught spoke highly about her past experiences, explaining that her time with Edward Jones was great in terms of getting to know the industry. She noted, “Edward Jones is a great place to start, but I felt options for myself and my clients were limited and I needed to move on.” After being offered a huge partnership opportunity with Leeward Wealth, she explained that it was a “no brainer,” and was eager to further serve the Key West community with better tools provided by Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments that offer a much broader technology and corporate team.

During her lengthy career as a Real Estate Broker, Vaught owned and managed three successful real estate offices, but the “24 /7” hours she worked were tough. It was challenging to balance her family and work life, since she was primarily a single mother, raising her three boys. Vaught yearned to spend as much time as possible with her sons, while also managing a successful career and providing for her family. She wanted to find a more suitable position that would enable her to help her clients, but also have better hours.  She wanted a balance so that she could spend quality time with her family while devoting time to her career. Once she began working as a financial advisor, her hours became more predictable and stable. She could finally balance her work and family life.

In her role as a financial advisor, Vaught’s most valued priority is the client, and their financial success. That being said, when asked about her transition from Edward Jones to Leeward Wealth, Vaught described the move as, “Exhilarating. I feel like I have so many more options available for my clients. A big part is how much more I can offer as far as investments and fees that I was not capable of when I was with Edward Jones.” She expressed her excitement about all of the upgrades she will be able to pass on and provide to her clients, and how much this promotion has meant to her.

Vaught values her experience as a Real Estate Broker. She points out that many of the tools she learned in real estate are applicable to her career in financial advising. For example, Vaught describes how she works with her clients to achieve their financial goals. Her focus is on how to build and sustain a client’s wealth based on their goals. When handling financial planning, real estate is an important factor and, therefore, Vaught certainly has a well-rounded skill set due to her in-depth real estate experience.

Today, June 22nd, there will be a huge Grand Opening party at the Key West Theater located at 524 Eaton Street starting at 5:30 p.m., including an open bar, free prizes, and food in order to celebrate Vaught’s promotion and the evolution of her status in the industry. Vaught is excited about her new role as Senior Wealth Advisor / General Partner and can’t wait to celebrate her promotion with the Key West community. Congratulations to Karen Vaught!

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