President Biden’s great great grandfather was named Moses J. Robinette. During the Civil War, he was loyal to the Union. Though not in the Army per se, he worked on military grounds as a veterinarian. Informally referred to as a vet or animal doctor. Not a formal position as it is today. Sort of run of the mill in the U.S. at the time. Although the profession was recognized as such in Europe, it received no such dignity in the U.S.

On March 21, 1864, a scuffle broke out in a Union Army men’s tent near Ford, Virginia. Two men were involved. Robinette and a John J. Alexander. Alexander walked away with knife wounds. Robinette was charged with attempted murder.

During words between the two men, Robinette pulled a pocket knife and cut Alexander. He was charged with getting drunk, inciting a fight, drawing a weapon, and attempting to kill Alexander.

Robinette claimed self defense.

A military court found him guilty of everything but attempted murder. Robinette was sentenced to two years at hard labor. He was sent to Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortuga to serve his sentence. Dry Tortuga is a hop, skip and jump from Key West.

Three Union officers who knew Robinette petitioned Abraham Lincoln to overturn the conviction. They claimed it was unduly harsh for “defending himself and cutting with a pencil knife. Alexander was much Robinette’s superior in strength and size, all under the impulse of the excitement of the moment.” They added Robinette was an ardent Unionist supporter.

Robinette served only one month on the sweltering Dry Tortuga. Following which he was pardoned by Lincoln. Lincoln pardoned the “unexecuted portion of his punishment.” Robinette returned to his family in Maryland and took up farming again. He died in 1903. His obituary referred to him as a “man of orderly and gentlemanly attainments.” Sounds like his great great grandson.

President Biden’s full name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Lincoln’s pardon of Robinette only came to light recently. It lay buried for 164 years in government records.

Churches in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s began to fail. Became evil in effect.

Similar to what is occurring with some in the U.S. today. The evangelical movement is madness. An evil foreign in the U.S.

The solution lies within the churches themself. They must stand up and claim/fight to renew their former Godly interests.

General Mark Milley. former Joint Chief of Staff. He is cashing in on his retirement. The classroom, boardroom and speaker’s dais has turned him into a multimillionaire.

Note, he only returned to civilian life last year.

Not the only general or admiral so doing. Military retirement has its financial benefits.

Today’s podcast several years old. Has to do with “double dipping,” financially via pensions and otherwise. The “otherwise most alarming. Concerns itself with opioid addictive oxycodone.

Cause of Key West swordfish and other abnormal fish behavior is still undetermined.

The British are washing less and differently. Living pressures/costs the reasons therefore.

Nearly half of the British population have reduced the number of baths they take. Twelve percent have gone from hot to cold baths. Forty two percent have cut down on the amount of water they fill the tub with. Showers have been cut 44 percent. Twenty one percent  shower at the gym or workplace to save home costs.

I am writing little about Key West itself. The reason simple. I only returned sunday night from close to 5 weeks in Mount Sinai. Still not getting out. Cannot write about that I am not yet experiencing. Bear with me.

I am writing less also. Lack the everyday energy required to pound away at the keys daily. Need a bit more time.

Ergo, I mention St. Patrick’s day 2 days early. Don’t know when I will be writing my next blog.

St. Patrick is the fifth century patron saint of Ireland. However, he was never canonized a saint. The reason is that in the fifth century the Catholic Church had not yet established sainthood. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church recognizes Patrick as a Saint.

His holiday is celebrated on March 17, the day he died.

Mississippi has the nation’s worst rates of infant mortality. Is it any wonder!

Syracuse lost again two nights ago. To North Carolina State 83-65.

A typical end to a lackluster season.

One of the greatest names in Key West history is that of the Spottswood family. From father John to today’s family. Top of the line. Class in every regard.

The Spottswood family is moving on with the Marriott Beachside. It will no longer be referred to as such. The Spottswoods have dropped their relationship with Marriott and will operate the Beachside under its own and new name: Brightworld. A new and exciting word, it will add to the facility’s attraction. Another Spottswood family winner!

Enjoy your day!

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