Armed man arrested after violent domestic incident

A 29-year-old Big Pine Key man was arrested early Thursday after dragging his girlfriend by the hair and putting a handgun to her head while threatening to kill her.

Michael Albert Gonzalez-Rio was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, kidnapping/false imprisonment, threats against a law enforcement officer, battery and resisting arrest.

There were no life-threatening injuries reported.

Deputies Jonathan Lane and Christopher Schwartz responded to a Big Pine Key residence on the 30000 block of Poinciana Road at approximately 1:40 a.m. after the Sheriff’s Office received information that a 22-year-old woman and an infant there may be in grave/immediate danger. The caller stated there were firearms in the residence. Sgt. Spencer Curry also arrived. Deputies Lane and Schwartz approached the dark residence. They knocked on the door and announced their presence. A next door neighbor informed them they heard screaming and banging noises coming from the house about 10 minutes prior to the Deputies’ arrival.

The Deputies conferred with Sgt. Curry. The decision was made to enter the home to check on the well-being of the woman and child. The Deputies drew their weapons and entered the residence via an unlocked door while loudly announcing their presence inside. Deputy Lane observed a man, later identified as Gonzalez-Rio, near a hallway. Gonzalez-Rio refused to show his hands. Gonzalez-Rio was yelling at Deputies and stated he was going to retrieve his firearm, because the Deputies had their guns drawn.

Gonzalez-Rio finally obeyed the Deputies commands to come out to the hallway with his hands in the air. Gonzalez-Rio continued to yell at Deputies as he was taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol car.

The victim on scene stated she and Gonzalez-Rio got into an argument when he grabbed her by the hair after she attempted to leave the house with the child. He dragged her to a bedroom while she was stilling holding the child and pointed a black and silver handgun with light attached at her head. Gonzalez-Rio said he was going to kill her while she was holding the child. He also slapped her across the face. She ran outside with the child and put her call phone in the mailbox so Gonzalez-Rio would not take it. He threatened to hurt her more if she did go back inside the house. She stated Gonzalez-Rio would not let her answer the door when Deputies arrived.

Deputy Lane found the female’s injuries to be recent and they corroborated her story. A black and silver Smith & Wesson handgun with a tactical light attached was found in the master bedroom along with another pistol, an AR-15 rifle and a shotgun. The Smith & Wesson handgun appeared exactly as the woman described.

Gonzalez-Rio was taken to jail.

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