Are People Really That Happy?


Recently, I saw an interview with George and Amal Clooney. They claim, after 8 years of marriage, that they’ve never had an argument. I also saw a 33rd anniversary post on Facebook with the couple bragging that they never had a fight! Thirty-three years?? I’d say 33 minutes is believable. But over three decades?!

Are these people real? Are you truly out there? On a day when I’m full of love and good intentions, I don’t think we make it through to bedtime without at least a minor squabble. Speaking of bedtime, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “don’t go to bed angry”. I’m almost ashamed to say this but sometimes I go to bed wanting to at least scare him with a pillow over the head. 

Although it’s mostly small insignificant things that set me off, I try to pick my battles. I look at the cap off the toothpaste, the clothing dropped where it’s removed, the dirty dishes in various rooms and I say nothing. Is it necessary for a 70-year-old man, who has no connection to baseball, to wear a cap? I think not. But do I say anything about that annoying daily habit? Not a word. However, if he leaves said cap on in a restaurant, I can no longer keep my mouth shut. And there begins a spat. 

I’m well aware I do things that annoy him. I have faults…although I can’t think of any at the moment. None of us are perfect. Which brings me back to my original investigation – how do couples manage to not fight? Do some people have fewer annoying traits than others? Do some have more patience? Are some just as peaceful as Gandhi?

These revelations from the Clooneys and their ilk have given me renewed strength to shut the hell up. We’ve had numerous fights over the years because of his choices in movies – always very violent. Now I’m outraged that he’s taken a liking to Hallmark Christmas movies! Go figure. As appalled as I am, I’m watching them very sweetly with him. Merry f#@!ing Christmas!

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