Another scam reported

The Sheriff’s Office was notified of yet another scam: This one involves fake lawyers, fake life insurance policies, and fake claims about money owed due to a person’s death. It has a striking similarity to all the other scams we see: the thieves ask for your personal information. Never give it to them!

In this scam, the victim receives a letter from a fake law firm claiming they are owed a large sum of money due to a person’s death. The victim may call the fake lawyers and explain they don’t know the deceased. The thieves then ask for information such as the victim’s full name, address, passport, phone number, and other personal information, as well as a small sum of money for fake administration costs. These are all red flags you are being scammed! 

The Sheriff’s Office often receives reports of scams involving criminals posing as law enforcement officers, attorneys, utility workers, insurance adjusters, computer professionals, and others who make false claims seeking money. Often they will seek payment from victims via gift cards, a sure sign you are being scammed.

Always hang up and contact the family member, company, or government organization the caller claims to be affiliated with. Scammers can be convincing: they often use real phone numbers, real names of local officials, or computer software that may mimic the voice of a loved one.

Remember: Whenever you are asked for large sums of money over the phone, hang up!

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