A Day to Honor our Doctors

March 30th is National Doctors’ Day, a time to pause and thank the men and women who chose to make a long and challenging journey to become physicians. Doctors’ Day originated in 1933 when Charles B. Almond, MD, initiated the recognition in Winder, Georgia. In 1990, President George H. W. Bush officially recognized March 30th as National Doctors’ Day. 

At Lower Keys Medical Center, we are grateful every day for our medical staff members who shoulder the ultimate responsibility for a patient’s care, whether that is provided in the emergency room, operating room, or clinic. We celebrate and honor their commitment to their field, their patients and their community.

In recognition of their personal sacrifices, professional achievements and their commitments to the Lower Keys residents and visitors, we are celebrating together on March 28th to personally thank them. In honor of the medical staff, Lower Keys Medical Center is making a donation to three community charitable organizations.  These three organizations were chosen by medical staff vote and will receive donations to further their noble missions during the celebration on March 28th

Please join us in recognizing our doctors who are vital to our mission to help people get well and live healthier by providing safe, quality healthcare, building enduring relationships with our patients, and providing value for the people and communities we serve.

David Clay is Chief Executive Officer of Lower Keys Medical Center.

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