Letter to the Editor

No longer greatest nation

To the Editor:

 I continually hear the media, politicians, etc. saying “We are the greatest nation on earth.” While this is not strictly about Key West, the thoughts and ideas apply to Key West as they do to the state and federal governments.

There is NO proof that the statement is true, while there is so much proof that it’s a lie. The word “FREEDOM” is always mentioned. Do we truly have freedom? NO! Federal, State and local governments are continually passing laws to restrict and control the general population for the benefit of the few “elite”. George Orwell was only wrong by 30 years.

We can no longer travel where we choose without interference from some sort of law enforcement tracking where we go, or asking us where we’ve been, and where we are going. Plane, train, bus our own vehicles or walking, we are under scrutiny by “Big Brother”

There are places where we can no longer live, eat, sleep where we choose. There are places in this country where you cannot park a pickup truck, boat or RV in your own driveway. There are places in this country you cannot smoke a cigarette outdoors, in your home or vehicle. There are places in this country you cannot own a firearm without the government knowing about it. There are places in this country where you cannot fly the American flag. There are places in this country where you cannot put a TV antenna on your roof. There are places in this country you cannot paint your house or roof the color you choose. There are places in this country you cannot install solar panels on your house. Most of these restrictions are in place to benefit part of the “elite.” It begs the question, “DO WE REALLY HAVE FREEDOM” to live as we choose?”

The government is doing its best to kill employment in the coal industry, wood stoves, farmers in California, truck drivers, firearms, medical care, domestic oil production. The government is doing its best to limit new business startups, business expansion, who you can hire and who you can work for.  The government is doing its best to tell us what we can eat or not eat, what to feed our children, and if I own a restaurant, what I can sell to my customers and how to cook it. The federal government is telling us how to teach our children.

We have the beginnings of a National Police Force. DHS, IRS, ATF, etc. On the local level we have “militarized” police forces (or at least they try to be). Some are instructed by the city they work for to be like the Gestapo.   

We no longer have freedom of speech.

We no longer have the freedom to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable search and seizure.

We are allowing our country to be overrun by people coming here across our southern border unrestricted. They are sucking on the welfare system when citizens are going hungry. We do not demand our laws be enforced. 

How can we be the “Greatest nation” when (according to the latest info I could find) this country is, worldwide, 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 3rd in median household income, 4th in labor force %, 4th in exports. The only things that make us #1 is prisoners, defense spending and foreign aid. Why are we rebuilding mosques in foreign countries? Why are we paying for new sewers in Cairo? Why are we giving money and arms to our enemies?

How can anyone state that this is still the “GREATEST NATION”? We used to be. We fought wars for moral reasons not for oil or cash. We built great things, we went to the moon, we developed technology, we built the best highway system in the world, (we had the greatest rail system but no longer), we improved the lives of millions. And where are we now?  Our roads and bridges are unsafe, Asia owns new technology, other countries are developing nuclear weapon technology, and exploring space while we sit on our hands and do nothing.

What are we doing? No other country respects us. No other country fears us. The Chinese own us. The “KGB Thug” Russian president has more respect and power in the world than we do. 

How can these problems be solved on a national, state or local level? I think a good start would be term limits. I don’t remember who the congressman was who said it 30 years ago. (I am paraphrasing) “Public office was never meant to be a career. Two terms is enough. It takes one full term to learn how to steal. If you don’t steal enough in your second term, you were too stupid to be there to begin with.”

So what do we do? 1) term limits.  2) do not vote for an incumbent. 3) get involved, know who/what you are voting for. 4) Seal the borders. 5) deport illegals. (even those with anchor babies). 6) stop foreign aid. 7) bring our military home.

Let’s work to return this “ONCE GREATEST COUNTRY” to what it used to be. A “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” The GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!!!

Kurt Wagner

St. Thomas, USVI 


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