By John Guerra

Police Officer Kristopher Bouvier had his hands full when a male and female suspect teamed up to obstruct his attempts to take one of them into protective custody.


Bouvier responded to Tattoos and Scars Saloon after a man refused to leave the bar. When the officer pulled up, he saw a bouncer preventing Nicholas Arthur Dawson, 27, from re-entering the bar. When Bouvier asked Dawson for his identification, the suspect walked away. The officer grabbed Dawson’s T-shirt to make him stop but Dawson allegedly whipped around and said, “You think you tuff, huh,” Bouvier reported. “You think you big and bad?”


Bouvier said the man appeared” intoxicated to the point where he could no longer take care of himself.” The officer took the man into custody and put him in the back seat of his patrol car.


Enter Dominique Lashe Joe, 19, who started to act upset that Dawson was in the patrol car. The officer tried to explain to the young woman that Dawson was not going to be arrested and would be released in a few hours.


That apparently was not good enough for Ms. Joe. The officer was at the patrol car talking to Dawson when Joe tried to “position herself between Mr. Dawson and myself,” Bouvier reported. He warned Joe several times to step back but she refused.


The woman reportedly kept saying, “Let him go, he didn’t do anything.”


When Bouvier pushed the woman away, the officer said, Dawson put his feet on the ground through the open back door of the cruiser. Bouvier warned him three times to put his feet in the car; Dawson still refused. The officer pulled his Taser and warned him three more times to put his feet back in the car, and when Dawson again failed to comply, Bouvier put the Taser up to the man’s chest and stunned him.


Dawson recoiled and put his feet in the patrol car.Bouvier then closed the cruiser door, locking Dawson in. The woman then started hitting a passing car with her hand, saying “I don’t care if I go to jail.”


The officer also learned that Dawson had allegedly been seen choking Ms. Joe inside the bar. A witness also claimed Dawson had jabbed the young woman in the chest several times with a pool cue.


Bouvier noted in his arrest report that “Mr. Dawson and Ms. Joe are both homeless, and sleep on the beach or with friends. Mr. Dawson and Ms. Joe do have an ongoing sexual relationship. Through previous investigations I am aware that Mr. Dawson has forced Ms. Joe to have sex with men for money on more than a dozen occasions.”



They both went to jail on charges ranging from battery, trespassing after warning, resisting an officer’s commands, and obstruction without violence.