Well, here we are again.  It’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah wrapped in one followed very closely by Christmas this year. Plenty of holiday parties to attend combined with lots to eat and drink can lead to a larger waistline after the new year.  Let’s set up a few guidelines for those nights where food and alcohol will be mixed and our best judgement can often be left behind.

During the day leading up to a party one of the best things to do is avoid and eliminate fatty foods.  When you drink alcohol, the body shuts down its ability to break down fat and use it as fuel.  So when you have the excess fat in your body then combine it with alcohol, all the fat just gets stored in the body’s fat cells.  Skip the greasy and fatty foods and fill up on lean proteins and veggies and your body won’t have that heavy, fat feeling after a night of drinking.


The next suggestion if one that should be practiced anytime one drinks.  Stay away from the sugary drinks.  Skip anything mixed with fruit juices or soda.  These spike your insulin levels which turns off your fat burning furnace only adding weight to all the places we don’t want to see weight added to!  Stink with a scotch, or whiskey, or glass of red wine.  These drinks take longer to consume because they are sipping beverages, I hope.  So, one SHOULD consume less than if they were to be drinking a sweet and sugary tasting drink.  Those just go down way too easy!


I am probably going to ruin a couple people’s day with this one, but I’m just the messenger!  Beer is most likely one of the most popular drinks for people. Unfortunately, beer contains hydrogenates which can imitate estrogen in the body.  Estrogen is the lovely hormone that stores fat in the lower abdominal region on women and the chest area for men.  Probably the top 2 places people WANT to lose fat from.  Now I won’t suggest giving it up totally, only because I don’t want to be run off the island, but maybe only consuming 1-2 then switching to the glass of scotch or whiskey or my beloved enemy, tequila and just sip on it.


I think we all know the less alcohol consumed in general the better, for many, many different reasons.  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends and don’t drink or eat so much that you have to make New Year’s Resolutions about it!

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