By Jenessa Berger

What is the one thing almost every woman fears as they age?  Ok, well there are many different things, but this discussion is about 3 common cellulite causing problems and what can be done to remedy these issues. Cellulite is not only an issue for the overweight.  In fact, most women report seeing more cellulite with weight loss.  It gets a bit in-depth with the science behind the cause of cellulite, but it breaks down to having more of one type of adrenoreceptor, alpha receptor, than another.  So for women, we have about .9 times more alpha receptors in our trouble areas than we do beta receptors.  Beta receptors speed up fat loss and increase the rate at which blood flows through the cells which is huge in getting rid of body fat.  So not only do we have genetics going against us, but then add in life and other factors and it’s darn near impossible to manage that nasty cellulite!

I know I sound like a broken record, but too much cardio is just NOT good for anyone.  Man, woman, child… It doesn’t matter!  When people think fat loss, or more commonly misnamed as ‘weight loss’, they think cardio, cardio, cardio. Hours on the treadmill or elliptical, long boring hours.  With all this time spent doing cardio, all that’s happening is calories are being burned, but so is the muscle.  With the lack of muscle, the appearance of cellulite can increase.  The muscle can actually even out the bumps and dimples of cellulite.  Cardio is an important part to any exercise routine, but it should not be the only thing you do.  Lift those weights, and make sure they are heavy enough, and watch the skin on your legs begin to even out and lose some of those bumps.

Unfortunately most individuals have jobs that require long days of sitting behind a desk.  Just the lack of movement throughout the day and the act of sitting for hours can be detrimental to our bodies.  Back and glute muscles grow weak and your posture is wrecked.  Starting off any exercise program with these issues can make reaching your goals difficult.  A quick easy fix for this issue is to get up.  Every hour get out of your chair and move.  Walk down the hall, up the stairs, whatever. Do push ups on your desk, do squats, lunges, or even just a stretch to open up your chest and shoulders a bit.  Just move, don’t sit all day, otherwise it will be that much more of a challenge in the gym.

We’ve been told for the past 10-20 years that fat free or sugar free foods are good alternatives to many other foods.  Unfortunately all these foods contain chemicals that increase the level of estrogen and other stress hormones.  Of course these will then in turn affect the number adrenoreceptors present in the body.  Remember, women have fewer of the good receptors to begin with. Your best bet?  Try and stick with only whole, natural foods.  Our bodies don’t know how to breakdown all the different chemicals and substances that are put in processed foods.

Eat clean, lift weights, and just move!  This is a pretty good way to live even if you don’t have to worry about cellulite.  Get lots of fruits and veggies in, hit that workout hard and everything else should fall into place.

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